Discover traditional Pranayama

Pranayama Teacher Training
with Sri Sudhir Tiwari

A teacher training program following the lineage of Kaivalyadham

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While yoga asana is extensively taught in the west and yoga teacher training are widely available, yoga teachers are seldom able to include relevant elements of kriya and pranayama in their yoga classes, as most training are primarily asana based.


This training aims to provide students who have already acquired a basic knowledge of teaching yoga asana with a proper understanding of pranayamic practices from an intellectual as well as a practical point of view, so that they can confidently continue to advance their own practices and teach the same to students in their yoga classes.


To guarantee a suitable level of experience for all students participating in this teacher training, we ask you to meet a number of requirements before applying for this program.

  • Having previously completed a 200-hours Yoga Teachers Training
  • Familiarity with practicing and teaching asana’s in the “Traditional Way” (traditional hatha yoga)
  • Familiarity with the essential yogic texts (eg. Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika)
  • Ability to remain seated in a pose for a minimum of 30-40 minutes without changing positions
  • Having an established pranayama practice (ability to slow down the inhalation by minimum of 5 seconds and exhalation by 10 seconds, that is 4 breaths per minute).


Non-teachers with a dedicated yoga practice and a genuine interest in establishing a sincere pranayama practice are also warmly welcomed to this training.



If you do not meet fully the above requirements but you have a sincere desire to join this training, please get in touch with us via email to discuss your situation. We are always happy to consider making exceptions!

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