Restorative Inversions: Theory and Experiential Practice

From the long list of yoga asana (poses), many have experienced and agreed on the potency of inverted postures. The most advanced poses in Restorative yoga often to quiet the mind, decrease anxiety, boost the immune system, release emotions and creativity, and improve reproductive health and hormonal balance.

This workshop includes both theory and experiential practice, clear demonstrations of alignment, and energetics of supported inversions. There will also be discussions on the emotional and mental states of relaxation where practising Restorative inversions is concerned.

Those who are contraindicated to inversions may attent and learn through discussions and observation, and not recommended for practice.

Moving from control to surrender, referencing Abhyasa and Vairagya, the day supports the exploration of:

  • The benefits of inversions
  • Contraindications and safe practices
  • Preparation and sequencing inversion practices
  • Inversions and women’s health
  • Emotional and mental observation
  • Developing trust and confidence

Suitable for both teachers and experienced students. Please bring an eye cover, notebook, and dress warmly.

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