Savasana Concert

A live concert with meditative music to calm the mind and soothe the heart. Experience the calming effect of ancient mantras, prayer, sound and silence during this lie-down concert.

This 2-hour journey will start with a short meditation and breathing exercise with live music to calm the nervous system and guide your attention inwards.

Thereafter, you will comfortably rest in savasana and experience deep relaxation to the sounds of gentle guitar play, Shruti box, tanpura and Dana’s healing voice.


The journey ends with tuning into sound together and the chanting of mantras. Ancient mantras are known to have a healing effect and recharge body and mind. The Sanskrit root of “mantra” is “manas” which means mind combined with “trai” which means to “set free from.” The literal definition of mantra is “set free the mind.”

If you are interested in hearing more listen to Dana on Bandcamp or Spotify here.

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