Ayurvedic Marma Therapy

Marma therapy is an ancient and beautiful system of treatment coming from the Vedic wisdom which through energetic pressure points allows us to access, release and heal the physical and emotional body.

About the Marma Therapy

How do you benefit from a Marma Therapy session?

In this 60 or 90-minute treatment, gentle pressure is applied to various points on the face, neck, shoulders, head, throat and chest. This gentle physical and energetic pressure awakens the higher intelligence connected to a specific organ in the body and thereby helps to release old emotions, stagnant energy and blocks. By freeing these points and their connected channels up we feel a sense of deep physical and emotional release and freedom to tap into the pure nature of calm and radiant body and mind.

Price Session of 60 minutes: €75 Session of 90 minutes (recommended by Victoria): €105

How to book your session

Follow these steps to book your spot

  • Select a 'Session' by selecting 60 or 90 minutes treatment
  • Select the therapist that you would like to have a consultation with Victoria or Ombretta
  • Select the location where you would like the consultation to take place
  • Select a time slot and confirm your booking

At the moment our practitioners receive many bookings. Please check the upcoming weeks for available timeslots.

If you need help with your booking, please know that our Community Care is here to support you.

Our Practioners

Ombretta  Dettori
Ayurvedic Practitioner (Amsterdam)
Victoria (Tory) Raven Hyndman
Head of Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Practitioner (Amsterdam)
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