Ayurvedic Udvartana Massage

Whole body massage using dry, slightly heated herbal powders, and purposefully massaged in the body from the neck below.

Udvartana - Herbal powder massage

Whole body massage using herbal powders.

Slightly heated, dry powders are applied and purposefully massaged in the body from the neck below.

The treatment has the purpose of:

  • Opening the channels
  • Reduce excess of fat and stagnation in the body
  • Increase the stability of the bodily tissues
  • Improve skin complexion
  • Promote a sense of lightness in the body
  • Reduce excess of oiliness in the skin
  • Remove impurities from the skin and give new life and elasticity to tissues.

Udvartana can be enjoyed best during the Spring season or within a Therapeutic or Detoxing plan that can be required by booking an (online) Ayurvedic Consultation with one of our Ayurveda Practitioners.


60 minutes - 75 euro

90 minutes - 105 euro


Victoria (Tory) Hyndman Ombretta Dettori

Den Haag:

Amanda Dries Wendy Wanner

How to book your session

Follow these steps to book your spot

  • Select the therapist that you would like to have a massage with: for Amsterdam Ombretta and Victoria, and for Den Haag Amanda or Wendy.
  • Select the location where you would like the massage to take place
  • Select a time slot and confirm your booking

At the moment our practitioners receive many bookings. Please check the upcoming weeks for available timeslots.

If you need help with your booking, please know that our Community Care is here to support you.

Our Practioners

Amanda Dries
Ayurvedic Practitioner (Den Haag)
Ombretta Dettori
Ayurvedic Practitioner (Amsterdam)
Victoria (Tory) Raven Hyndman
Head of Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Practitioner (Amsterdam)
Wendy Wanner
Ayurvedic Practitioner (Den Haag)
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