Guidance into Presence

There can be periods in your life that you feel unsure or confused, perhaps exhausted, stressed or constantly caught up in worries. Maybe there is a feeling that something is missing or that you are not sure about who you really are, or how to find peace and contentment in the here and now.

In these times it can be helpful to share your experience and receive guidance. Coming to a deeper understanding of yourself and life so that a sense of clarity, peace and joy re-enters your life. To feel home again within yourself.

Royce is offering one on one Guidance into Presence sessions. You will meet with him once a week or bi-weekly for a duration of 4 to 8 weeks.

In each session, there is room to share what seems to block you from feeling content, joyous and peaceful. With the help of meditation, self inquiry, and simple exercises Royce will assist you in focussing the attention away from a limited, mostly anxious personal state of mind into our natural state of openness and peace.

No meditation or yoga experience required.

Prices 1 Session 60 minutes: €70,- 5 Sessions 60 minutes: €320,-

If desired there can be a short intake, free of charge.

How to book your session

Follow these steps to book your spot

  • Select the therapist that you would like to have a consultation with
  • Select the location where you would like the consultation to take place
  • Select a time slot and confirm your booking

At the moment our practitioners receive many bookings. Please check the upcoming weeks for available timeslots.

If you need help with your booking, please know that our Community Care is here to support you.

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