Junior Ayurvedic Consultation

This consultation will be led by a Delight Ayurvedic Academy student that is on his way to becoming a practitioner. The Delight Ayurveda Academy offers authentic and profound Bachelor level training in Ayurveda: our highly experienced team of teachers is committed to providing the students with open and inspiring education, allowing them to uncover their own potential and that of others.

We, as Delight, believe that a student of Ayurveda should be able to personally experience the process of giving consultations, its richness and its multiple dimensions. Therefore we give the opportunity within our own Delight home to do so, under the supervision of a mentor that will accompany them with sessions.

The Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach is fully equipt and certified to give consultations on nutrition and lifestyle and can entail anything from food, mindful movement, lifestyle tips, pranayama to meditation.

The session includes

  • Tongue analysis
  • Pulse diagnosis
  • In-depth interview
  • Individualised well-being plan as output that entails: daily routine and Lifestyle tips, food advice, yoga, pranayama and/or meditation tips

This is your choice if: You do not have particular health complaints but you like to adjust your lifestyle and eating habits to feel more balanced.

Price Ayurvedic Nutrition- and Lifestyle Consultation: €59,-

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