Kum Nye Tibetan Massage & Yoga

Kum Nye Tibetan massage has a very long tradition in the Tibetan culture. (Kum means subtle body and Nye means to kneed.) It has a special benefit for people who practice meditation, for those who sit long in the same position or work very hard, and for people who practice any kind of body training. When we work very intensively with the body and mind, we may not notice when we start to have tension from holding certain positions. Kum Nye & Tibetan Yoga have roots in the same wisdom of channels, wind energy, essence and nature of mind and they complement each other very well.

In this session we apply massage techniques and Tibetan Yoga, helping to relax muscles and release tension and tightness in the body. When there is less tension, there are fewer blockages and our energy flows much better. This enables the energy and blood to circulate very well, as well as our essence. As a result, we have more power and do not become tired easily. Then we can handle the challenges of our life with more ease and we will also find that we can rest better as well.

Kum Nye helps to keep our energy safe. Also after practicing, it is very beneficial to release tension in muscles & channels. A combination of subtle and more intense massage techniques can be used for muscles, bones, tendons, bone marrow, elements and the back. So the body becomes calm, energy is flowing and the mind is also calm. Kum Nye + Tibetan Yoga help to feel the body as a whole. When we are completely relaxed, healing takes place. Inner warmness & energy in the channels & essence are well distributed.

In our daily life, we often move in only very limited ways. We do the same things over and over, within just a narrow range of movement. Even those that do physical exercise do not often have a well-balanced range of movement and techniques. Because of this, our body becomes stuck in a particular way and we hold tension in concentrated places. Then our muscles start to compensate to protect this tenseness. On top of this, many people do not sleep well due to a restless body and mind. The result is a lack of flow in body, mind and energy.

When we age the power of our fire energy decreases and the power of our essence (including hormone production) decreases. The methods applied here help this inner warmness, by distributing essence. The increase in subtle energy, warmness, hormone production leads to fresher and more resilient skin. Metabolic processes are aided and toxins released. Simultaneously we can experience this process on the inner level: inner peace and tranquillity, natural well-being, and clarity, more positive and stable on an emotional level.


Session of 60 minutes: €75 Session of 90 minutes: €105

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