Ayurveda Practitioner Training

The Delight Yoga Academy

Course Curriculum


At the beginning of the study program, emphasis is on receiving and integrating the Foundations on Ayurvedic knowledge. Gradually in the program, the focus will be more on practical skills and your development as a practitioner. Intervision with your fellow-students and therapeutic skills will be offered in every year of the study program. Interpreting Ayurvedic texts also plays an important role, giving you a profound understanding of the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge and wisdom. 

The 4-year study program offers the highest level of qualification in Ayurveda recognized in the West, qualifying amongst the complementary healthcare services covered by supplementary health insurance plan in the Netherlands.

Shorter qualifications are also possible within the structure of this program, upon succesfull completion of each year of study. 


Levels of qualification and focus per year:


Year I - Ayurveda for Self Healing

Propedeuse diploma

Nutrition, Lifestyle, Treatments, Massage and Yoga


Year II - Ayurveda as Preventive Medicine

Associate degree: Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle Advisor

Nutrition, Lifestyle, Treatments, Massage and Yoga


Year III - Ayurveda to Heal Diseases

Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and Treatments


Year IV - Ayurveda in Full Healing Practice 

Bachelor's degree: Ayurveda Practitioner

Medicines, Advanced Treatments and Clinical Experience


After Year IV - Post Graduate & Academic Programs 

More information on these programs will follow soon on this page. Stay tuned! 


Contact hours per year | Approximately 210

Self study hours per year | Approximately 420

Number of ECT credits per year | Approximately 50


Year I will consist of 28 full class days, taught both in weekends and in 3 or 4-day modules running from Thursday or Friday to Sunday. There will also be 4-day residential teaching with Dr. Vijith and a series of online classes.