Ayurveda Practitioner Studies

The Delight Yoga Academy


With Victoria (Tory) Hyndman, Doctor Vijith Sasidhar, Coen Van der Kroon, Martine van Beusekom, Gabriele Karpf

Ayurveda Practitioner Training - Year I (Start: 18 September 2020)

We are honoured to present this 4-year Bachelor level Ayurveda Practitioner Training, which is run for over a decade under the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies of Coen van der Kroon, under Delight Academy. 

Delight Academy offers authentic and profound training in the sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda, to support and most importantly to find your way through living and teaching in this modern time. We hope these programs will benefit the world now as well as for generations to come. 


In this 4-year Bachelor's level study program you will be educated to become an Ayurveda practitioner; a profound profession focusing on applying Ayurveda in the field of nutrition, lifestyle, herbal remedies, massage, and therapeutical treatments. This is also suitable for students who wish to deepen their own Ayurvedic practice and learn more about this ancient wisdom. 


This study program is set up by an experienced team of teachers providing a solid foundation to experience the art and science of Ayurveda in all its aspects aligned with nature. After completion of this program, you will become a qualified Ayurveda Practitioner, able to help others bringing forth a system of healing for physical, mental and spiritual health



 “Ayurveda is a medical science and its purpose is to heal and to maintain the quality and longevity of life. It is an art of daily living that has evolved from practical, philosophical and spiritual illumination, rooted in the understanding of Creation. It offers a profound understanding of each person’s unique body, mind, and consciousness, which is the foundation of health and happiness."

~ Dr. Vasant Lad

Dr. Claudia Welch on Ayurveda and the Delight Academy: