Holistic therapeutic treatments

Experience holistic therapeutic treatment by on of our specialists in our serene treatment spaces.

All our healings are based on a holistic view towards wellbeing, integrating the physical with mental and spiritual practices. With these healings we aim to support you on your path in creating space and awareness.

Don't know what type of healing to choose? We offer guidance from our experts to create a personal plan just for you. Want to know more, go to our guidance page.

Individual mindfulness

With Maartje Bakker


We live in a time with limitless possibilities. Anything can be done, achieved, acquired. We only have to work hard, and do our best. Everything can be controlled. At least, that’s what we think. And then all of a sudden we feel unhappy. Because we have no influence on what happens to us. We can only influence how we react to it. Individual Mindfulness consists of eight weekly meetings of an hour, which help you to become more aware of your body, your thoughts and feelings using different meditations and applications. You’ll increase your mental strength, which will help you to better deal with difficult situations.

Ayurvedic nutrition & lifestyle consultations

With Amanda Dries,  Victoria (Tory) Hyndman,  Ombretta Dettori

Amsterdam & Den Haag

When we live in accordance with our individual nature, we experience life with a happy mind and healthy body. Each one of us is different and depending on what is going on in our private life, we all have different needs to keep us balanced. In a personal Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle consultation, we discover your basic constitution (Prakruti) and your present state of health (Vikruti) through pulse diagnosis, tongue analysis and an interview. We look at your past health conditions, mental and emotional states, general life history, and talk about your daily life at the present moment.


With Juno Burger

Amsterdam & Den Haag

A RealEase personal clearing is a sentient experience in silence. Juno scans for and releases charge from your energy system. The effect is immediate and lasting. After the treatment Juno will give you practical advice as to how you can apply this technique to your everyday life. Through identification with our experiences, we build up an energetic charge which is stored in various layers of your energy system. Every time we react in the same limiting ways when that charge presents we add to the tension. Keeping an old story alive that is no longer relevant.

Feeding Your Demons

With Ingeborg Timmerman


A session of Feeding Your Demons will help you to transform that which you are struggling with in your life into something you can take with you and will help you in the process. We call this your ally. You can transform anything, which you experience as negative: habits, depression, fears, dreams/nightmares, feelings towards a certain person. A Demon is anything that obstructs the achievement of Freedom, of living your life free and happy. It is not some weird terrifying thing.

Counselling/Psychodynamic psychotherapy

With Esther van der Sande


Body-oriented Psychodynamic psychotherapy: including in-depth guidance   Attachment issues, trauma, developmental trauma (complex trauma), accidents, processing, grief & loss, PTSD, stress coaching and counselling. If there is something preventing you from living your life the way that feels right for you, it may at some point become increasingly prominent. That ‘something’ often dates back to your past and is usually persistent, because it is buried in a combination of unresolved issues or situations, resistance and uncomfortable habituation.

Trauma sensitive yoga

With Esther van der Sande


Esther van der Sande is Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Facilitator (TCTSY-F), Yoga Teacher (therapy), and Somatic Psychotherapist.     Esther is also a Faculty member of the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute (JRI Boston), TCTSY-Trainer and TCTSY-Supervisor.     What is Trauma Sensitive Yoga? As the name implies, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga focuses on trauma awareness instead of purely on yoga. So we barely concern ourselves with the physical postures, known as asanas, or complex sequences, but with simple postures by which you learn to listen to your body, one step at a time.