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When we live in accordance with our individual nature, we experience life with a happy mind and healthy body. Each one of us is different and depending on what is going on in our private life, we all have different needs to keep us balanced.

In a personal Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle consultation, we discover your basic constitution (Prakruti) and your present state of health (Vikruti) through pulse diagnosis, tongue analysis and an interview. We look at your past health conditions, mental and emotional states, general life history, and talk about your daily life at the present moment.

Depending on your needs, you will receive advice for the physical and mental bodies, and when interested and ready to go deeper into your sadhana (daily spiritual practice), we will look at your dharma to help you along on your spiritual path. You will receive a daily routine that is right for you, thereby creating the opportunity for your body’s natural intelligence to bring itself back into its happy state of physical and mental balance.

Though Ayurveda focuses on preventative health care, it also offers many wonderful remedies for acute and chronic symptoms once health is disturbed or out of balance.



  • Ayurvedic Consult (60min): €80
  • Ayurvedic Consult - Follow Up (30 min): €37,50


Victoria Hyndman
Kirsten Drooger
Ombretta Dettori

Den Haag:

Amanda Dries

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About Teacher

Amanda Dries


Amanda is from Wales in the UK. She worked for many years in sales, then as a purser for two main airlines, experiencing different cultures. After meeting her Dutch husband she moved to Holland and had three children. Over the last 14 years, she has taken on various studies for health. From 2010-2015 she studied at the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies to become an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Kirsten Drooger


Kirsten is an ayurvedic practitioner, a Yoga and Ayurveda teacher, and most importantly, the mother of two wonderful boys. She is endlessly curious about the deeper layers of life and feels the necessity of slowing down and to soften in order to connect with life on these deeper levels.

Victoria (Tory) Hyndman

HathaVinyasaYoga BasicsPranayamaRestorativeAyurveda

In a light-spirited manner yet sticking to the authentic teachings of yoga, Victoria uses the wisdom of Ayurveda in her yoga classes for students to experience spiritual access through physical practice.

Ombretta Dettori

AyurvedaAstanga Mysore Beginners

Ombretta encounters Yoga in 2012, shortly after moving to Amsterdam: reluctant at first she comes out of the class feeling slightly high and willing to try again but is only after her first Ashtanga class that she is hooked. Ashtanga and Yin are her “playground” during the first years: she experiences the gift of her body and realizes how disconnected and out of balance she is.