Holistic therapeutic treatments


With Juno Burger

A RealEase personal clearing is a sentient experience in silence. Juno scans for and releases charge from your energy system. The effect is immediate and lasting. After the treatment Juno will give you practical advice as to how you can apply this technique to your everyday life.

Through identification with our experiences, we build up an energetic charge which is stored in various layers of your energy system. Every time we react in the same limiting ways when that charge presents we add to the tension. Keeping an old story alive that is no longer relevant. Juno works with an apparent paradox: he let’s be what you want to get rid off! When an energetic charge you are holding is fully experienced, while at the same time being seen for what it really is in that very moment, that charge will clear from your system, Embracing charge with the compassionate heart creates an energetic shift from contraction into boundlessness, allowing flow. You become receptive, grounded, clear, inspired and full of zest for life!

Allow spaciousness in your energy system and learn to become and stay open to experiences without holding on to them. Release old charge built up around emotions, feelings, thoughts and physical sensations, avoid accumulating charge and bring back harmony and balance to yourself and your surroundings.



Initial consult €89, follow up sessions €55 - per consult

For bookings please visit https://www.junoburger.com/en/energy-work/personal/


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About Teacher

Juno Burger

Juno has been sensitive to the energies of people and spaces from a very young age. He has spent most of his life looking for ways to live with this sensitivity. For the past 18 years he has been active as an energy therapist, working with both people and the spaces they occupy.