Delight Online Prices

Our yoga classes are now live-streaming online:

  • More than 80 live online yoga classes a week
  • High-quality audio and video of live-streams
  • In various yoga styles and for all levels
  • Access to rewatch live-streams up to 7 days*
  • Interaction with teachers and other students
  • Mysore room for self-practice
  • Daily Silent Sit Meditation
  • Satsang with Satya & Sahaj

Purchased classes can be viewed up to 7 days after they have been live-streamed. Only online yoga classes on YouTube can be viewed up to 7 days after they have been live-streamed. The link will expire seven days after their originallive-stream date. Online yoga classes on Zoom can NOT be viewed after they have been live-streamed due to privacy reasons.

Online Yoga

Practice with us wherever you are.

Delight Online

Online Membership

€ 15

per week

The Delight Online Membership is a fantastic way to start your online yoga journey.

Delight Online

1 Online Yoga Class

€ 7,50

per class

Access to 1 online class

Delight Online

5 Online Yoga Classes

€ 30

valid for 30 days

Access to 5 online classes
valid for 30 days

Online Private Yoga

Practice one-on-one & connect with your teacher.

Delight Online

1 Private Online Yoga Class

€ 70

60 minutes

Access to 1 online private class

Delight Online

5 Private Online Yoga Classes

€ 320

60 minutes

Access to 5 online private classes.

Delight Online

Online Teacher Check-in

€ 25

25 minutes

Check-in and connect with your teacher.

Online Consults & Coaching

Delight Online

Online Guidance

€ 25

25 minutes

We will help you find your way, by designing an individual yoga program especially for you.

Delight Online

Online Ayurvedic Consult

€ 80

60 minutes

Receive a personal Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle consulation to keep yourself balanced in daily life.

Delight Online

Online Soul Based Coaching

€ 310

3 sessions

Find clarity on your personal beliefs, goals, conflicts, and to create a healthy environment for change.

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