30 Days of Meditation for only €30,-

30 days of Meditation Card

If you want to get access to “30 days of Meditation” without becoming a Delight Online Member you can now also get the 30 Days of Meditation Card.

The card will give you access to all the sessions of “30 Days of Meditation”, for only € 30,- (1 euro per day). Note that with this card you will not have access to the Delight Online Library or other Delight Online yoga classes. 

We will start on the 21st of December and practice meditation together on weekdays from 08.00 - 09.00 and on the weekends / Christmas days from 09.00 - 10.00. On the 1st of January, we will have a special class to start the New Year, and on the 19th of January, we will end the 30 days of Meditation with a beautiful closing ceremony.

For more information and the schedule of 30 Days of Meditation see our blog here

  • Get access to 30 Days of Meditation
  • Create a new habit of meditation
  • Start your days with presence, honesty, and openness
  • Reconnect with Peace and inner stability 
  • De-stress and calm the mind and body
  • Connect & interact with the Delight Community
  • Only €30,- (1 euro per meditation) 

"The teachers are brilliant.
The facilities are comfortable and beautiful.
Delight takes care of you all around; body, mind and soul."

- Sarah, Delight Student