Balance Your Vata

Balance Your Vata Card - Online Only

Autumn is here! The air is colder, the wind is starting to blow, plants are drying up - in Ayurvedic terms, this means that Vata season is here. Vata dosha is cold, dry, rough, mobile, and irregular - qualities not only visible in nature during autumn and early winter, but also in your body and mind.


Do you feel ungrounded, anxious, worried? Do you have dry skin or difficulties sleeping? These are clear symptoms of a Vata imbalance. Learn how to balance your Vata through the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda with the Balance Your Vata Card - Online only.

What's included?

  • Unlimited access to all online Livestream classes of Delight Online
  • Unlimited access to 150+ on-demand videos in the Delight Online library
  • Free access to our 8-week program to Balance Your Vata

Price: €50-. The card is valid for 8 weeks from purchase. You will receive the first email of the Balance Your Vata program 1 day after your purchase.

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