Overview 2016 - 2017

Retreat - Mid-Summer-Light Yogaweekend

Mid-Summer-Light Yogaweekend

With Peter Roussel

Starting on 23 June 2017

Join us 23-25 June 2017 for a refreshing break. Get away from it all for a weekend in nature. Practicing yoga, enjoying delicious Ayurvedic food and great company we can say a yoga weekend is truly a change of scene, inside and out.


Retreat - Ayurvedic Living

Ayurvedic Living

With Victoria (Tory) Hyndman

Starting on 02 July 2017

This retreat will give you a deep plunge into Ayurvedic wisdom and experience how to integrate this wisdom into your daily life and  yoga practice.

Mandali, Italy

Retreat - Escape to the Sea Side

Escape to the Sea Side

With Hedi de Vree

Starting on 18 August 2017

This retreat has been designed to guide you deeply into yourself. You will enjoy both gentle yin classes as well as dynamic flows - sequenced to help you release tension throughout the entire body from both stillness and from movement. In addition, there will be time for meditation and for breathing in order to release also in the subtler energetic and emotional bodies.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - Bring Balance into your Being

Bring Balance into your Being

With Daphne Luttger

Starting on 27 August 2017

This week is all about balance. You can see the body as a vessel through witch we can express our authentic self. We all know that you have to take care of it but this isn’t always easy in a more yang-like (male) orientated society.

Mandali, Italy

Retreat - Love and Be Loved

Love and Be Loved

With Erica Jago

Starting on 17 September 2017

Join Erica for a six-day heartfelt retreat at the stunning Mandali retreat center in Lago d’Orta, North of Italy.

Mandali, Italy

Retreat - Moving into Stillness

Moving into Stillness

With Arianne de Vos Burchart

Starting on 29 September 2017

Join this beautiful weekend with Arianne to experience, explore, relax and restore your inner landscapes in various ways. During this weekend retreat you will be handed tools to dive into the beautiful, profound practice of self care.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - Immerse Yourself into the Full Experience of Yoga

Immerse Yourself into the Full Experience of Yoga

With Miluse van de Kant

Starting on 27 October 2017

The practice of physical Asana accompanied by Pranayama (breathing techniques) is a perfect preparation for meditation. The purpose of yoga Asana and Pranayama is to prepare the body and mind to sit for meditation.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - Rebalancing your Energy Body

Rebalancing your Energy Body

With Daphne Luttger

Starting on 17 November 2017

The theme of this weekend is balance. Yin and Yang are two opposing forces that balance each other and are inextricably linked. In the mornings Daphne will teach a Yang/Yin class and evenings classes are exclusively Yin. By holding Yin poses for longer (± 5 min) we can stimulate the energy body.

Domburg, Zeeland