Overview 2018

Retreat - Ayurvedic Living

Ayurvedic Living

With Victoria (Tory) Hyndman

Starting on 29 April 2018

This retreat will give you a deep plunge into Ayurvedic wisdom and experience how to integrate this wisdom into your daily life and  yoga practice.

Mandali, Italy

Retreat - Energy in Balance

Energy in Balance

With Chantal Soeters

Starting on 04 May 2018

This weekend is a great opportunity to recharge both mentally and physically. During the weekend you will get loads of new energy and insights on how to lead a more calm and balanced life. Discover how yoga, breath, meditation and living life mindfully can support you in this.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - Moving into Stilness

Moving into Stilness

With Arianne de Vos Burchart

Starting on 08 June 2018

Join this beautiful weekend with Arianne to experience, explore, relax and restore your inner landscapes in various ways. During this weekend retreat you will be handed tools to dive into the beautiful, profound practice of self care. With the profound practice of Yoga Nidra as our red thread throughout the weekend.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - Midsummer Meditation Weekend

Midsummer Meditation Weekend

With Kimberly Poppe

Starting on 29 June 2018

An opportunity to deeply (re)connect with yourself through a nourishing weekend of meditation, delicious food made with love, time outside in the countryside and relaxation around a cozy fireplace!

De Lutte

Retreat - Basic Teacher Training (200h)

Basic Teacher Training (200h)

With Katiza Satya & Kevin Sahaj

Starting on 01 July 2018

Summer Retreat in Amsterdam & Portugal Week 1 & 2: July 28th - August 12th 2018 in Amsterdam Week 3: September 28th - October 5th 2018 in Portugal Faculty: Katiza Satya, Kevin Sahaj and guest teacher Victoria Hyndman Location: Amsterdam Delight Yoga Prinseneiland 20-G & D’Alijo Yoga Retreats in North Portugal


Retreat - Your Inner Sanctuary

Your Inner Sanctuary

With Hedi de Vree

Starting on 06 July 2018

This retreat has been designed to guide you deeply into yourself and allow you to connect with your inner sanctuary where you can fully be yourself. You will enjoy gentle but juicy flow classes and calming yin classes - all sequenced to help you release tension throughout the entire body from both stillness and from movement.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - The Royal Path of Astanga Yoga

The Royal Path of Astanga Yoga

With Eddie and Jocelyne Stern

Starting on 24 August 2018

With Eddie & Jocelyne Stern 24 – 30 August 2018 This is a very unique and wonderful opportunity to retreat with one of the most respected and experienced astanga yoga teachers and to share a week with other dedicated practitioners from all over the world! 

Mandali, Italy

Retreat - Yoga and Stress Reduction

Yoga and Stress Reduction

With Jasmijn Koelink

Starting on 07 September 2018

Relax and refresh with Jasmijn Koelink Experience the power of breath and yoga in this relaxing weekend. Through the combination of accessible hatha and yin yoga, breathing techniques and meditation, you gain practical tools to recognize and reduce stress in your body.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - Silence & Solitude

Silence & Solitude

With Erica Jago

Starting on 07 September 2018

With Erica Jago 7 – 13 September 2018   Silence is a luxury. For those who are longing for more space to think and breathe, this retreat is designed with endless, unoccupied, quiet space.

Mandali, Italy

Retreat - Rebalancing your Energy Body

Rebalancing your Energy Body

With Daphne Luttger

Starting on 05 October 2018

The theme of this weekend is balance. Yin and Yang are two opposing forces that balance each other and are inextricably linked. In the mornings Daphne will teach a Yang/Yin class and evenings classes are exclusively Yin.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - Astanga Yoga, Meditation & Nature Retreat

Astanga Yoga, Meditation & Nature Retreat

With Dylan Hendrix & Kathrin Bindig

Starting on 19 October 2018

Join a beautiful retreat in the heart of spiritual magnetism and stillness of the mystical mountains in Granada. In the middle of paradise where your soul wells with poetry.

Granada, Spain

Retreat - Immerse Yourself into the Full Experience of Yoga

Immerse Yourself into the Full Experience of Yoga

With Miluse van de Kant

Starting on 02 November 2018

The practice of physical Asana accompanied by Pranayama (breathing techniques) is a perfect preparation for meditation. The purpose of yoga Asana and Pranayama is to prepare the body and mind to sit for meditation.

Domburg, Zeeland

Retreat - The Mind Retreat

The Mind Retreat

With Katiza Satya & Kevin Sahaj

Starting on 06 November 2018

An unique opportunity to dive within the Infinite Universe of the Mind guided by Katiza Satya & Kevin Sahaj in a 10 days retreat 6 November - 15 November 2018 at Mandali, Italy Introduction This Retreat is a silent 10 days training where we’ll investigate the Mind as true scientist within our own laboratory. The philosophical ground of practice will be base in non-dual practices, Buddhism and Tantra.

Mandali, Italy

Retreat - Finding Ease in Unease

Finding Ease in Unease

With Kristin Vikjord Paternotte

Starting on 06 November 2019

Personal growth/Mindful Yoga/Mindfulness/Compassion based practices Yogi Facilitator Training RYT300 The Yogi Facilitator is a unique leadership training and certificate program in Mindful Yoga as applied practice, for mental health conditions and emotional well-being.

Mandali, Italy