Basic Teacher Training (200h)

With Satya Katiza & Kevin Sahaj

Basic Teacher Training (200h)

with Satya Katiza & Kevin Sahaj

Summer Retreat in Amsterdam & Portugal

Week 1 & 2: July 28th - August 12th 2018 in Amsterdam
Week 3: September 28th - October 5th 2018 in Portugal

Faculty: Katiza Satya, Kevin Sahaj and guest teacher Victoria Hyndman
Location: Amsterdam Delight Yoga Prinseneiland 20-G & D’Alijo Yoga Retreats in North Portugal



This is a unique and transformative training​ program, with fully accredited and inspiring teachers, which will be held in 2 parts: 2 weeks​ non-residential in Amsterdam and 1 week​ residential retreat in​ Portugal.

Program Details

​This training will support your integrity, commitment, dedication and knowledge of yoga and it is a special opportunity for those who are interested to deepen their own yoga journey, as well as for those who feel the need to pass the message of yoga to others.

The practices are based primarily on the Astanga Vinyasa Yoga system, but the Primary Series will be explored and opened to include many other elements from the body of Hatha yoga practices. Elements of Ayurveda will also be added to include a more therapeutic and balancing effect of the practices, allowing for a broader view of yoga on all aspects of life.  

During this 3 weeks Intensive Program, you will immerse yourself fully into the process of yoga, experiencing directly what is like to live and practice full-time. All aspects of yoga practice will be covered by the program, which is further divided into the following themes:


Week 1: Purification

July 28th - August 3rd 2018 in Amsterdam

The first week we set the intention and mood of the training diving slowly but steady, starting to tune with your body, breath and mind, becoming friends and intimate connecting with your self and the teachings, trusting the method and techniques, learning the language. 
Starting to trust the intelligence of your body and energetic field, letting go ​of ​what is ​i​n the way​,​ becoming lighter and open.
The Yoga program during this week will include different cleansing techniques (kriyas), and self-practice ​based on the primary series of​ Astanga Yoga, special pranayamas, guided and silent meditation, related philosophy sessions and reading, and a special diet (pure, healthy and detoxing vegetarian food).


Week 2: Knowledge and wisdom

August 5th - August 12th 2018 in Amsterdam

Knowledge is a fruit of learning, while wisdom is a fruit of practice. Your mind by now will already reach a certain clarity, and you will be ready for deeper learning and practice. Your immersion into meditation, pranayama, philosophy and strong Vinyasa practice, as well as time for practicing in groups, learning Yoga methodology and secrets of good teaching will inspire you toward your own creativity, wisdom and awareness.

During this week you will also dive into the science of Ayurveda and its close relationship to yoga and yogic lifestyle.


Week 3: Silence, synthesis and rejoice

September 28th - October 5th 2018 in Portugal

This third and last week of the training, in retreat settings in the tranquillity of Northern Portugal, will​ have us​​​ ​starting​ in a ​very ​unique way - with mauna (silence). You will observe silence during the first 5 days​ of the retreat week​,​ as a way to go beyond the surface – beyond names and forms, social, cultural or psychological boundaries. You will receive teachings and practices, allowing yourself to let go of critical thinking, questions and other habits of the mind.
You will observe different patterns that may arise, and reach a deeper part of your self. Your teachers will support you and the teachings itself will empower you with strength to go deeper within the process of Yoga.​ 
This final week is all about going deeper with the knowledge and experience gained and developing intuition about teaching. You will be learning and teaching, conquering the field known by now, and practicing until it seals. Creative and dynamic Vinyasa movements, philosophical peaks, sound and mantras, therapeutic yoga and synthesis of all are the key subjects of the last and final week.

You will be exposed to a variety of practices from various traditions, which you will learn how to safely and effectively passed on to beginners students of yoga. 

Typical Daily Schedule in Amsterdam

  • 08:30 - 9.15 Meditation and Pranayama
  • 09:30 - 11:30 Asana Yoga practice (Astanga & Vinyasa)
  • 12:00 - 13:00 Lecture: Living philosophy
  • 13:00 - 14:30 Lunch and study time
  • 14:30 - 16:00 Lecture: Anatomy, subtle body and Ayurveda
  • 16:00 - 16:30 Tea Break
  • 16:30 - 17:30 The art of Teaching: Practice
  • 17:30 - 18:00 Meditation, chanting or Yoga Nidra practice

Typical Daily Schedule in​ Portugal​ (residential)

  • 06:00 Morning wake-up
  • 06:30 Meditation and Pranayama
  • 07:00 Asana Yoga practice (Astanga & Vinyasa)
  • 09:00 Light breakfast
  • 10:30 Lecture: Living philosophy
  • 11:30 The art of Teaching: Practice
  • 13:00 Lunch and free time
  • 16:00 Lecture: Anatomy, subtle body 
  • 17:00 The art of Teaching: Practice
  • 18:00 Tea time
  • 19:00 Dinner
  • 20:30 Meditation, chanting or Yoga Nidra practice
  • 21:00 Bed time 


This program will provide an intensive environment for your learning and practice process, where the Yoga method will be presented and practiced in depth. 

What you need is patience, dedication and sincerity. The rest will unfold naturally and gracefully.

The 7 weeks in between the Amsterdam and Portugal programs will be the time to develop full confidence in self-practice and study time, the foundation has been given and now it is time to integrate. You will be asked to keep a journal about this period. 

Preparation homework

Homework will be sent to you in preparation of this training. Once you have been accepted in the program, you will receive a complete list of books to read and assignments to complete and submit prior to the start of the training. You will also be asked to journal about your personal practice. Please allow for a minimum of 1 month (ideally 3) to complete your preparation homework at a relaxed pace.



Teaching Fee: €2.350  
Deposit at application: €300  
Balance due by 21 july: €2.050  
Retreat fees due by 21 august: From €510 depending on room type

It's possible to pay in two instalments, when you choose for this option the teaching fee is: €2.450  
Deposit at application: €300  
1st instalment by 21 july: €1.075  
2nd instal by 21 september: €1.075 
Retreat fees due by 21 august: From €510 depending on room type


Room types

The rates for a week /  7 nights

Group Room - Shared Accomodation with 4 persons. Price per participant: € 502 
Twin Room - Shared Accomodation with 2 persons. Per participant: € 587
Single Room - € 802

This includes:
- breakfast, lunch & dinner
- free water & tea during the day



You can apply for the Intensive Training here.

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