Silence of Being - Silent Weekend

With Rolandjan Van Mulligen

Silence of Being - Silent Weekend

with Rolandjan Van Mulligen

4-6 October 2019

Every human being wishes to be happy. And the good news is: Happiness is already our true Nature. 

This weekend retreat is meant to remember your peaceful state of Being and to abide as that. Qualities such as contentment, clarity and joy flow naturally forth from your inmost being. What we are truly looking for is ourselves. Or, as St. Francis of Assisi described it: What you are looking for is already where you are looking from’.

Morning times we will do yoga, emotional bodywork such as circular breathing to release the body from trauma, stress and tensions. 
When the body is relaxed and open it is less likely that we identify with limiting thought-patterns and we can easily inquiry into the nature of what we timelessly are.

Through meditation, Yin yoga, self inquiry and once a day room for sharing and Q&A we will come to a clear knowing. Besides that, there is enough time to walk to go for a walk on the beach or just to rest in Being (see daily schedule below). 

We will remain one day in silence, except for 1 sharing and Q&A moment. This social silence is an invitation to let your attention rest in the stillness of Being; your essence. Saturday we will refrain from socializing, reading, internet, and any other form of  social communication. This is truly helpful to keep resting our attention in the source place within, getting more and more used to just being aware and to observe the mind instead of getting identified with it. 

You are mostly welcome to take part in this deepening weekend if you are dedicated to self discovery, you followed at least 1 class with Rolandjan, and when you are looking forward to be together in (social) silence.


In 2019 we will continue our weekends in the beautiful Yogabee villa in Domburg in the province of Zeeland. This house is located close to the sea (only a 10-minute walk) and has a great garden, yoga shala and even an indoor pool and sauna. You can choose from 9 weekends, all with a different theme and purpose.

Being away from it all, reconnecting with nature, spending time with new people that inspire you, practicing yoga intensively, eating pure food and at the same time, plenty of time to go to the beach, enjoy a massage or simply read a book in the garden. It’s your weekend – we simply make it an unforgettable one!

Daily schedule


  • 17.00 arrival 
  • 18.00 soup & salad
  • 20.00 openingcircle & evening session (start social silence)

Saturday (silent):

  • 07.30-09.00u Yoga & meditation
  • 09.30 breakfast
  • 11.00 Yoga & meditation
  • 13.00 lunch
  • 16.00 meditation & sharing/ Q&A
  • 18.00 diner
  • 20.00 evening session


  • 07.30-09.00u Yoga & meditation (end of silence)
  • 09.30 breakfast
  • 11.00 Yoga and closing circle


Starting from €395,- including 2 nights accommodation, all yoga classes, all meals. Booking via Happy Soul Travel.


More information and booking

Happy Soul Travel +31 20 623 06 73

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