Winter Silence Retreat

With Rolandjan Van Mulligen

Winter Silence Retreat

with Rolandjan Van Mulligen

This weekend is intended to remember and become completely familiar with your peaceful state of Being. Essential qualities such as silence, contentment, strength, clarity, authenticity, love, and joy naturally flow from Here.


What we are looking for is actually our Self. Or as the awakened teacher St. Francis of Assisi put it nicely:

"What you are looking for, is already where you are looking from."


To gain clear insight, we use silent and guided meditation, Yin Yoga, transformative breathwork, meditative self-inquiry, and for example, some dance and release exercises.


When the body and mind are relaxed and open, there is less of a tendency to identify limiting thought patterns and emotions, and we can more easily experience ourselves in the open space of Awareness, in which everything is happening.


During some meetings, there will be a space for sharing: sharing experiences and Q&A. There will be plenty of time to use the sauna, to walk, or simply to rest and enjoy.


Every person wishes to be truly happy. And the good news is: happiness is already our true nature.

What you will learn:

You are more than welcome to participate in this in-depth weekend retreat with Rolandjan van Mulligen if anything mentioned thus far has piqued your interest; your heart goes out to truth, meditation, breathwork, self-inquiry, and remembering and experiencing who or what you deeply are.


Below is a more detailed description of the main practices we will engage in during this weekend.

Circular Breathing/ Breathwork

Tension, stress, suppressed or unprocessed emotions, destructive thought patterns and old traumas are stored in our body at the cellular level. A Connected breathing session brings up these repressed feelings and memories so that they can be met and experienced with loving awareness and therefore released or integrated. We will be able to respond spontaneously from the Now instead of responding from the unprocessed pain of the past.

True Meditation

We often think that meditation is something we do; intense concentration, or practising a method. While actually, it is the opposite of 'doing'; an act of deeply letting go to what simply IS, from moment to moment. In this retreat, you are invited to discover that meditation is your natural and effortless state. Through silent and guided meditation and meditative exercises, we will discover the beauty, peace, and richness of our True Nature.

Yin Yoga & Self-Inquiry

Yin Yoga mainly consists of ground postures that we hold in a relaxed way for several minutes to reach the deeper connective tissue. Within the yin yoga practice, you will be invited to let go of your willpower and your ambitions. We will cultivate an inner attitude of 'being' and 'letting be' instead of doing and changing. From 'being', we can act and speak with clarity and presence. Yin Yoga helps us to sink into natural meditation, to be in touch with our body, and to live in harmony with what IS, moment by moment.


More information and booking

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