Ayurveda Sangha

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Ayurveda Sangha

With Victoria (Tory) Hyndman

We are starting to wake up. 

As the deep ancient wisdomof Ayurveda is making its way into our daily life of the modern world today, we are creating the space at Delight to build a community by connecting with each other through Ayurvedic guidance. Victoria will continue to share her knowledge and experience through Ayurveda to inspire students of Ayurveda, students of yoga, students of life.

This monthly gathering is here to support the development of the Ayurvedic studies in daily life, either through direct questions or through a topic Victoria would like to shine on with every gathering.

This gathering is open as a regular class to those who have already attended Ayurvedic trainings with Victoria, workshops, consultations or those new to Ayurveda wanting to get a little taste of this healing wisdom. Come join us to share, laugh and learn together and create community, supporting our natural earthly need to connect with like minded spirits to create safe healing space.


Join us from 20.00 - 21.30 at Nieuwe Achtergracht.