Bliss Healing

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Bliss Healing

With Ira Hardjosusono

The language of the body is not linear and is experientially discovered and recovered through movement, touch, sensing, expressing, playing, and being silent. Each body’s unique way of communication originates from wholeness and is oriented on guiding to its embodied place of homeness.


Within the body lies a door to consciousness, also called 'the being' or 'the watcher'. There are many names for meditation, just as there are many paths to the same source.

What you will learn:

Embodied Meditation is a conscious awareness of the body and the variety of qualities of its inner space from quietness, beautifully silent and peaceful to being joyful, vital, ecstatic and blissful. It can be felt as full of overflowing love and is a connection to innocence, wisdom and bodily intelligence.


It doesn't matter what kind of Yoga practice you have right now or if you have never practised before. This is an invitation for everyone to loosen up old, stagnated energy which we all carry within in a way, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Shake it out in this joyful and vibrating practice of dynamic Bliss Healing Meditation. Just bring yourself and an open mind.


Join Ira from 19:00 - 20:30 at our Scheveningseweg studio. This class is bookable through via our schedule.