Chat & Chai Astanga Sangha

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Chat & Chai Astanga Sangha

With Claudia Pradella & Eva Ugolini

Join us for an Astanga Community event to mix & mingle with each other and ask all the questions you have wanted to ask about your yoga practice.

Let's talk about stress...! We know that stress is responsible for nearly 90% of our modern diseases and that we all seem to struggle with different levels of stress in daily life. We also know that yoga & meditation are of great help in dealing with stress, to the point that science and medicine are starting to finally take interest in the potential of yoga.

But how does it all work? As practitioners we do experience the benefits of a regular practice, but do we really understand what happens and what we need to do (or not to do) to maximize these benefits?

This month we will watch a short documentary on "The Science behind Yoga and Stress" to open up the conversation about what the foundation of yoga really is and how we can use these fundamental aspects to manage our stress levels and emotional well-being.  

Very informal, with snacks and chai, everyone is welcome.


Please join us from 20:00 to 22:00 at De Clercqstraat. 

One Body, One Mind, One Breath - One Practice.