Collective Reading

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Collective Reading

With Saskia Nefkens

In this special class Saskia will tap into the collective energy in the room and convey the messages of Source energy. This usually contains messages from both angels as well as spirit guides.

Saskia is here to help students experience were healing is needed so you can grow into your highest potential. She will use energy work together with guiding words.  

This Special Class will start with an explanation on what a reading is, how it works and how the messages will be received.
After that there will a meditation and Saskia will start working with the energy created by focusing on your physical body. Here the reading will take place in both words and images. The messages relevant for everyone in the group will be conveyed in clear language. For example:

    •    The reading will point out what wants to be felt in everyone of us in order to heal
    •    The reading will give you practical guidance on how we can make a deeper connection with our hearts

In addition there is the possibility of you receiving a personal reading during the session. Saskia will then channel what it is your soul is telling you as sometimes messages are pressing and need tob e addressed specifically to you. This personal message will also be relevant tot the rest of the group. 

During the session space wille be held to answer a few questions.
If you have additional questions you can enquire to schedule in a one-to-one session with Saskia.

This special class is suitable for all levels

* NB this Special Class is held in Dutch