Collective Reading

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Collective Reading

With Saskia Nefkens

Have you always known that there is more between heaven and earth? And that you are part of it? It is time for you to realise that you are more than just a human being. You are energy, also known as Source, or Soul.  This is not something you learn in school or are told by the people around you.


Throughout the years we have forgotten to listen to our hearts. The mind has taken over. So now it is time to return to your deepest core: who are you really? What do you want from life? What are your greatest dreams and how can you make them come true? Is there any pain left to process?

As the soul's mouthpiece, Saskia likes to address these questions. In her group readings, you will get in touch with your core. You will arrive at insights that you would not have imagined, but that fit you 100%. In a group reading, a kind of soul contract is established. The participants will lift each other up. Forces and wisdom are bundled and shared. Saskia translates the language of the soul to earthly language and answers personal questions. These questions and answers apply to everyone. You'll feel all kinds of things and everything starts shifting. Perhaps not immediately, but something will surely be set in motion. Scary? Yes, because the new is always scary: you will be leaving your comfort zone.

What exactly can you expect to happen?
Specific, clear answers from your own core. Applicable and deepening in all aspects. And a lot of spiritual jibber-jabber into the bargain. Just kidding! But there will be humour as well. And a group of people lifting each other up to new heights. It will make you happy. Absolutely. And the world will benefit!

This Special Class will start with an explanation on what a reading is, how it works and how the messages will be received.
After that, meditation will follow and Saskia will start working with the energy created by focusing on your physical body. Here the reading will take place in both words and images. The messages relevant to everyone in the group will be conveyed in clear language. For example:

    •    The reading will point out what wants to be felt in every one of us in order to heal
    •    The reading will give you practical guidance on how we can make a deeper connection with our hearts

In addition, there is the possibility of you receiving a personal reading during the session. Saskia will then channel what it is your soul is telling you as sometimes messages are pressing and need to be addressed specifically to you. This personal message will also be relevant to the rest of the group. 

During the session space, will be held to answer a few questions.
If you have additional questions you can enquire to schedule in a one-to-one session with Saskia.

This special class is suitable for all levels. Join Saska for this special class from 18.15 - 19.45 at Delight Yoga, Weteringschans.

* NB this Special Class is held in Dutch