Full Moon Lunar Flow

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Full Moon Lunar Flow

With Simona Schimanovich

Join Simona to learn how to start following the cycle of the moon and tune into the natural rise and fall of energy each month.

We will come together under the light of the Full Moon for an empowering practice. Honouring the cycles of nature we will open up in all directions as we move through a creative Mandala flow.


As we reach the natural peak of energy of the month with the full moon there is an intensity in the air and emotions can rise to the surface to be expressed and released. Simona will guide us through a creative lunar flow and practices to support you in releasing and grounding yourself, before we close with a Full Moon meditation.


Simona Schimanovich is a yoga teacher, empowerment coach and Founder of Moon Tribe. She has been hosting New and Full Moon Circles in London and online. Join her from 18.15 - 19.45 at De Clercqstraat.