Full Yogic Breath & Deep Relaxation - Rebirth yourself!

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Full Yogic Breath & Deep Relaxation - Rebirth yourself!

With Arno Nistal Ten Veen

Each yogi(ni) will learn to use the breath for deep relaxation. In this special class, we will practice the Full Yogic Breath and the New Pranayama (= circular breathing = Rebirthing). Both breathing techniques will immediately lead to more energy (Life Force, Prana) and also to a deep relaxation in your Body-Mind-Spirit.


You will create awareness of breathing blocks and -inhibitions. You will change breathing patterns and experience beneficial results by doing so. Many people experience the deepest relaxation ever in their lives!


Arno Nistal ten Veen began with meditation and self-healing at the age of 16. He has been a breathing therapist for over 25 years now. He is also a Yoga teacher and Chi Neng Qigong instructor and has been schooled in many meditation- and therapeutic techniques from the enlightened master Osho.


Join him Sunday the 1st of March from 17.30 - 19.00 at Delight Yoga, Scheveningseweg.