Living from Heart-Mind

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Living from Heart-Mind

With Annette Knopp

“Living from Heart-Mind” invites us to recognize the ever-present openness of life and to relax into what is already profoundly complete. That what we usually are looking for – connection, freedom or peace – is already available, closer than our own breath, yet, our constant habit of looking outside of ourselves or superimposing what we long for onto all kinds of objects prevents us from seeing,  that who we really are is what we have been searching for all along. 

Once we have a glimpse of our true nature in our own direct experience, our lives transform in unforeseen ways. If we are honest in our devotion to truth, no stone will be left unturned. All the painful beliefs, distorted self-identities, and innocent misunderstandings that live in the underbelly of our daily experience – creating suffering for ourselves and those around us – will come up to be examined and brought to peace.

Annette offers a group-environment that fosters safety, authenticity, and natural compassion. Every challenging experience is welcomed and everyone who has an interest in living as openness and that wants to be true to the Heart is supported in their awakening and unique unfolding.

Join her:
Wednesday 2 October 16.30 - 18:00 at Prinseneiland 
Thursday 3 October 18.15 -19.45 at Prinseneiland