Men Circles

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Men Circles

With Maximiliaan Cohen

Every night of the full moon we will gather together in a circle of gentlemen. In a space where we can drop our guard and connect to each other in safety and trust.

Human beings have been sitting in circles in all cultures from ancient times. Each of us has ancestors who gathered together in circles, perhaps in a hut or around a fire, drumming, singing, dancing, telling stories and jokes, sharing ideas, teachings, and their lives with each other. In those circles men found solutions to their problems, managed conflict, made conscious decisions. They laughed and cried, played, celebrated and grieved together. They learned to love. Many topics were discussed such as parenting, sexual intimacy, relationships, community living, sustainability, health and recreation, life purpose, mission finding, manhood, life, death, and much more.

Today it is so needed to be in this space where we men can see and hear each other in equality without prejudice or competition. Giving each other space to share from authenticity. A valuable mirror on how our brothers deal with day to day struggles and blessings. 

Our intention is to connect to each other and give space to whatever presents itself in a space of sharing. To create a community to connect with each other on a monthly basis and grow together. 


Join Max once a month from 18:30 - 20:00 at De Clercqstraat. 

Feel welcome and we look forward to sit together.