Monthly Ayurveda Sangha (Theme: You are the Being-ness, not the Busy-ness)

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Monthly Ayurveda Sangha (Theme: You are the Being-ness, not the Busy-ness)

With Victoria (Tory) Raven Hyndman

As many of us are taking our yogic life now also off the mat, we want to support everyone in their daily life.
Victoria is here to answer and support all questions of daily life, whether they are practical questions, physical questions or deeper emotional and spiritual reflections.


A spiritual community (sangha) is very important for us human beings to feel connected and supported, particularly when we are going through more challenging times, individually and collectively.


We are creating an Ayurvedic sangha to support you in your studies of life, which will support you to remember that all of life, every minute, is spiritual life.

What you will learn:

Victoria will support and share from an Ayurvedic perspective the theme of the month that Satya & Sahaj will offer us each month, giving herbal and household remedies, mantras (healing sound vibrations), mudras (gestures, expressions to awaken healing), foods and other lifestyle tips as well as more food for thought of contemplation on the theme of the month for it to come to life in your own individual life.


Join Victoria online from 16.00 - 17.30. This class can be booked via our regular schedule.


We look forward to supporting you on your path, in all ways.