Moonday Pranayama

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Moonday Pranayama

With Claudia Pradella

This Pranayama class offer a set of simple breathing techniques which help to cleanse and stabilizing body and mind. With a regular Pranayama practise, more vital energy is made available for the body and mind.  The breath begins to flow more freely, providing access to deeper states of meditation. The digestive system and lungs are stimulated and cleansed, the mind becomes clear and calm, the nervous system strengthened. You will feel vital, awake and content as your body's energy system is balanced.


On moondays it is traditional to take rest from the daily Astanga Yoga Practice, hence this class is offered as an alternative practice on those days. Suitable for everybody, with or without previous experience, this class will help you safely deepen your awareness of the breath and the body, which will, in turn, benefit your state of mind.


All levels are welcome. It is recommended to practice on an empty stomach. You don't need a yoga mat, but you want to be able to sit comfortably, either on the floor or on a chair.

Join Claudia on moondays from 8.30 - 9.15.