Moonday Restorative with live music

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Moonday Restorative with live music

With Maximiliaan Cohen

In the Astanga tradition, we take rest on Moondays. This special Restorative class on New Moondays, combines the introspective quality of the New Moon with the deep relaxation that arrives in the body and the mind from the Restorative practice with beautiful live music from Max his Native American flutes.

We will explore deep conscious rest in postures that fully supports the body with the help of yoga props such as bolsters and blankets. The live music will inspire your energetic body and bring you into a different level of relaxation. Each flute has a different vibration that connects with deeper layers of the energetic body. This will be a journey where all you need to do is lie down and surrender to your experience.

Every new moon from 08:00 - 9:30 at De Clercqstraat.