Nada Yoga Sound Ceremony - The Yoga of Sound

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Nada Yoga Sound Ceremony - The Yoga of Sound

With Daniel Maciejewski & Sjoerd Dragtsma

On this special evening, you can immerse yourself into a ceremony of sound and vibrational healing while celebrating all that life has to offer.

We give space for whatever wants to arise, for bliss and also to that what is still dark and longs to be brought into the light of your presence.  The invitation of the different instruments like the Tibetan sound bowls and other heart instruments like steel drums, chimes and rainmakers are obvious; Relax. Truly relaxing has a surrendering quality and great potential for healing. The ceremonial setting supports this and will create a safe environment to dive into the deeper layers of your own ocean.

The Sound Bowls will be played in close proximity to the body to balance your chakras, while the other instruments play in synergy with the specific chakra. We ‘work’ on to take you on a journey through the different layers of your consciousness. Next to sounds there will be mantra chanting to open our circle and to set intentions. Also, we will use different scents coming from a more shamanic tradition in order to ground and to open. Differently, than in a concert setting, a ceremony is a place where we hold space for each other so that we can heal, gain insight and celebrate.

Daniel & Sjoerd look forward to welcoming you on this special evening. Join them from 18.15 - 20.15 on Prinseneiland.