Natural Movement Flow

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Natural Movement Flow

With Judith van der Klink

Natural Movement Flow is a movement-based class. We will explore strength through softness, body awareness, and movement awareness. We will be moving to the rhythm of our breath and to the sound of music.


Natural Movement Flow emphasizes transitions, how we enter and exit an asana, but also the awareness of what happens in between the asanas.


During the “in-between” moments, magic happens; the complete connection to the self in the present moment.


The journey from one asana to the next, guided by our breath. Exploring the possibilities and boundaries of our moving bodies with awareness, respect, and intelligence.


Join Judith from 20.15 - 21.15 at our Scheveningseweg studio.

What you will learn:

Moving out of our comfort zone. Moving from the centre of our Body and finding stillness through movement. And most of all, having a lot of fun as we explore the endless possibilities of movement. Be prepared to sweat as you ride the wave of breath in an ocean of endless movement possibilities.


This class is suitable for all levels.


Natural Movement Flow is an invitation to explore movement possibilities in a safe and fun way. To reconnect with our physical bodies, to reconnect to breath.


In this workshop, Judith van der Klink will spend some time on breath awareness, as we will be joining movement and breath together. Using breath as an impulse to move, but also as a guide. Natural Movement Flow is an exploration of strength through softness, body awareness, and movement awareness.


No previous yoga experience is required.