New Moon Meditation & Practice

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New Moon Meditation & Practice

With Irina van der Sluijs

As human beings, we feel connected to the cycles of natural life around us. Better said, we are part of this beautiful tapestry of life on earth. But we often forget this, distracted as we can get when living our busy lives in urban surroundings.


Twice a month we are invited to sit still in honour of the natural cycle of the moon’s waning and waxing, tapping in into her continuous rhythm. During the new moon meditation, we have a chance to start anew. The energy is gentle, we start from scratch, we resolve to begin with the aspiration to wake up to our natural essence.


We will start with a ‘warming up’ meditation for about 12 minutes of mindfulness practices followed by a longer sit of about 24 minutes with drops of inquiry. Your precious body will be taken care of to be as comfortable as possible. The main sit will cover the energy of the moon in the particular astrological sign of that day. We will contemplate what we are invited to, from the collective energies, while checking in on any personal promptings from your field of consciousness. The meditation will linger throughout your day and into the next two weeks leading up to the full moon.


Join Irina on the following dates and times at our Scheveningseweg studio. 


Sunday 23 February 9.00 - 10.00
Tuesday 24 March 7.30 - 8.30