Silent Sit Sangha

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Silent Sit Sangha

With Royce Benda

Welcome to the warm embrace of the Silent Sit Community. We invite you to join us in a celebration of the sacred mystery we call life.


At Delight Yoga, we offer daily online Silent Sit meditation in the morning. In the Silent Sit Meditation, we come together to set the tone of the day; everything we do will be infused with presence, honesty, and openness. Moving together towards a gentler world.

What you will learn:

In the past year, the meditation community at Delight has grown into a sweet group of dedicated beings. These special classes offer us the space to connect from our heart space through silence, music, breathwork, and storytelling. Inge, Sjoerd, Rolandjan, and Royce will share their personal qualities and colours.


When you are new to meditation at Delight Yoga, this is a perfect, low-key way to get to know the facilitators and the community members.


Feel welcome and join the silent sit team from 20:00 - 21:30. The class is bookable via our regular schedule and will take place at our Nieuwe Achtergracht studio.