Tandava - Movement Meditation

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Tandava - Movement Meditation

With Claudia Kratzheller

The Dance of the Divine.


A ritual of self-connection, fueled by connection to your breath and gentle slow movements. A moving meditation with reverence for your body and the bodies that you share the space with.


What can you expect?

Diving deep, ankering in yourself, being embraced by the space from the outside and caressed from the inside by the stream of your breath. Liberating your life force in a gentle and fluid way. You don’t need to come with a partner, though couples are welcome too. No previous experience needed.


We start with silence, we end in silence, in between there will be music. Tandava is a sensual and respectful dance. During the initial meditation, there will be guidance into the breathwork along the root chakra and the following up-stream through the energy centres.


The Phases of the Ritual:

The dance of the divine is built in 5 clear phases. There is no fixed form in terms of shape, but a clear energetic build-up. We start in Silence, blending into music and we end in Silence again.

1 grounding down - anchor
2 spread your wings - expand
3 enter the space - explore
4 move – dance
5 sit. listen. Look inward.


Reflection / optional
There will be space for exchange in small groups of three after the movement ritual.


Join Claudia from 18.15 - 20.15 at Delight Yoga, Weteringschans.