The Magic of the Pelvis

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The Magic of the Pelvis

With Claudia Kratzheller

The pelvis is your home base and the centre of your body. Awaken the awareness with softness and strength!

The Pelvis is the connection between your spine and your legs. We will gain insight into the anatomical function of the pelvis and energetic potential of the chakras and make the connection between the two.

When you are not aware how to move from the pelvis - “the light there is not on” or when there are blockages, you can get pain and tension.

For instance: when you either not aware or don’t have the strength in your pelvic muscles and how that relates through your legs down into the ground it can happen that you compensate and compromise the body : you pull up the shoulders or sag in the lower back which results in tension and pain in shoulder and lower back area. Find more info on

Join Claudia for this special class Saturday 19 October 18.15 - 20.15 at our Weteringschans studio.