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Anatomy of the Sun Salutations

With Ken The Rolfer

Refining Breath and Bandha Awareness to Redefine your Practice

Most yoga practices open with a few repetitions and variations of the Surya Namaskara - the sun salutations. More than just a great way to heat up the body, the strong movements of the sun salutations contain all the movement and alignment patterns used throughout any vinyasa based practice.  Learning to bring core awareness and precision to the sun salutations, means building a strong foundation for the rest of our practice to unfold with less effort and more presence.

During this workshop, we will examine the anatomical movements of the body in each part of the sun salutations. On a deeper, subtler awareness level, we will examine how to organize our bones and integrate their movements with our breath, so our Bandhas can support a deeper meditative flow in the practice. Sounds all great right?

Be prepared because this can show you your core weakness where you learned to use force or laziness instead of the core strength of Breath and Bandhas! Whether you have just begun with your practice or are an experienced Astanga practitioner, this workshop will change your practice in ways you never imagined. Highly recommended. All levels welcome.

Date / Time




29 September 2018, 14:00 - 17:00


Ken The Rolfer




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