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Assisted Yin Yoga Workshop

With Michiel Kaemingk

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Experience Yin in a beautiful way by working together with a partner, deepening the sensations and learning to trust and letting go. With a solid background in Thai Yoga Massage and Yin Yoga, Michiel will guide you through the different poses giving various alternatives to cater the needs of different body types.


Yin Partner Yoga or Assisted Yin Yoga is a strongly supported and therapeutic type of yoga. It is done with a partner or with a yoga teacher / therapist. This type of yoga is very suitable for people with lower back problems and people suffering from other spinal issues. The majority of poses focus on the lower extremities and has a relaxing effect on body and mind. It is suitable for anyone living a hectic life and in search of a moment of total relaxation that targets the deeper layers in the body. An important aspect is letting go in a physical as well as mental way so no muscle power is used and gravity is your biggest friend.


It is a beautiful fusion of Thai Yoga Massage and Yin Yoga. If you already are a ‘Yin‘ lover or maybe a ‘Thai Massage’ lover, or both, this workshop will provide you with a whole new approach of body mechanics, working together and developing a better sense of awarenes through touch.


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