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Astanga Yoga, Mindfulness & Buddhist Meditation Workshop


Not too loose, not too tight: Ashtanga method, mindfulness and Buddhist meditation

The meaning of yoga (rnal ´jor) in the Tibetan language is "entering the natural state." In other words, Yoga is about returning to a state without stress and conditioning and free of mental and physical hang-ups. In this workshop Ellen Johannesen (KPJAYI Authorized level II)  will share her knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga and Buddhist Philosophy to lead us away from habitual patterns towards a greater freedom of expression.

The Buddha likened right practice to tuning a stringed instrument; Too tight and it’s out of tune. Too loose, and you cannot play at all. You need to tune your body/mind in the same way!

To achieve the state of yoga we need discipline and method, but we also need to be curious and ready to explore our inner and outer world. During this weekend we will attempt to re-connect with our natural potential by exploring some basic movement patterns. These patterns, which we can also call "technique," will enable us to approach the challenges of Ashtanga with ease and flow!

We will also focus on method, the counted vinyasa system: counting our breaths enables us to stay focused for an extended period of time which adds a meditative dimension to our practice. This brings us to a natural state of calm from where the deeper exploration of Yoga can begin.

In the afternoon sessions we will continue exploring the body and mind from a more quiet perspective. What happens when we draw the attention into the body and become quiet? It is in this inner stillness that we harvest the fruits of our practice, which we can use for a greater purpose: Ellen will guide us through loving-kindness meditation, a Buddhist practice leading to calmness, gratitude and contentment. 

The workshop is suitable for Ashtanga practitioners, who maintain a regular practice, led class or Mysore - all levels are welcome! Saturday morning will be a guided class while Sunday morning will be assisted self-practice (Mysore).



8.00 - 10.30 Astanga Yoga Practice and morning meditation

13.00 - 15.30 Workshop: movement, meditation and philosophy



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