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Astanga Yoga Mysore Intensive

With Lino Miele

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We are very honoured to welcome our beloved teacher Lino Miele back in Amsterdam!


Lino has been a student of Sri K P Jois since the 80's and received formal certification to teach in 1994. During his many visits to Mysore, Lino investigated thoroughly the 'Vinaysa system' under Pattabhi Jois' guidance , ending with the publication of the 'Astanga Yoga Book', which is still today the most complete and detailed books available on the traditional vinyasa system.


Working with the exact number of vinyasa for each asana requires a high level of practice. Gradually one will be able to utilize the control of breath and bandhas to harness the energy (prana) and flow with synchronicity from asana to asana.  – Lino Miele


This year Lino will come together with Desiree, and they will offer each day an early morning Mysore class. Through their precise adjustments and verbal cues, you will gain a physical and embodied understanding of each and every asana. On Saturday there will also be an opportunity to learn about adjustments in 'The Art of Touch' workshop, where Lino shares more about his unique view on the practice and the Astanga method.

The workshop ends on Sunday with a closing session where space is given to Q&A's and you will be guided through a simple but effective pranayama practice. Above all – expect loads of laughter!

Lino has now been touring and teaching for over two decades. He is loved, respected and renowned for his uncompromising way of passing on the traditional Astanga yoga method. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to meet our Maestro!



Dates 8 - 12 July 2020

  • Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 July: 6:30-9:45 Mysore practice (exact practice time will be communicated later)
  • Saturday 11th July: 7:00-10:15 Mysore practice (exact practice time will be communicated later) & 14:00-16:00 The Art of Touch workshop
  • Sunday 12th July: 7:00-10:15 Mysore practice (exact practice time will be communicated later) & 11:30-13:00 Pranayama, Q&A’s


In 'The Art of Touch' you will learn how to give and receive adjustments. Based on the psychological aspect of movement and breath in the posture, Lino will explain techniques to adjust a student in the pose while transmitting a sense of security and trust. As a teacher you will learn how to effectively adjust your student, as a student you will learn how to surrender and receive the adjustments! A great learning opportunity for both students and teachers!


Please note that you will be given a specific starting time for the Mysore practices closer to date.


€250 for five days
For this workshop, a 10% membership discount applies.



It is recommended to have some experience with Astanga yoga before joining this workshop. If you are just beginning with this practice or are not familiar with the Mysore-Style of practice, you are still welcome to join for the full 5 days of practice. This will give you enough time to build some understanding of the practice, as you will be progressively guided through it day by day. If not sure, please check with Claudia ( or Eva (


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About Lino Miele

Lino Miele's interest in yoga dates back to the early 1980's. Lino met his guru Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Guruji, in Mysore and the beginning of a long-term teacher- student relationship began.

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