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Astanga Yoga Practice & Philosophy Weekend Workshop

With Govinda Kai

This workshop has taken place already, please visit our Workshop Page for a more recent offering of workshops and trainings.

We're very happy to welcome Certified Astanga Yoga teacher Govinda Kai back to Delight Yoga, for a weekend workshop to celebrate the start of the new year together. This workshop will include a full led primary series class followed by a lecture and some chanting each day.

Govinda's workshops present students with intense and engaging Astanga Led Classes, chanting, Kirtan, discussions, and profoundly eye-opening lectures covering a variety of topics that will help us all better understand how to integrate this Yoga into our everyday lives.


Saturday 4 January 2020
10:00-12:00 Led Primary Class
13:30-16:00 Lecture & Chanting

The Beauty and Power of Mantra Yoga
In this lecture/discussion, the focus will be on the practice of mantra Yoga. We will talk about why it is important to a rich spiritual and emotional life and how to begin to practice on a regular basis. Mantra Yoga is more powerful and beautiful than most people imagine.
Sunday 5 January 2020
10:00-12:00 Led Primary Class
13:30-16:00 Lecture & Chanting

Shiva/Shakti: Gods of Yoga
For those that practice yoga, the deities known as Shiva and Shakti are without question, the most important gods in Vedic mythology. Let's have an in-depth discussion about what there is to learn in the stories and parables of these gods and how you can apply these lessons to your daily life.

Govinda shares his passion for the spiritual life and for deep transformation through the practice of Astanga yoga and its philosophy. His teachings will bring real life-changing experiences of celebrating the truly profound possibilities of yoga and spiritual practice.

All levels welcome. Previous experience with Astanga Yoga is highly recommended. You can join 1 day only or the full weekend.


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About Govinda Kai

Govinda Kai is of Japanese-American descent, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. His legal name is Russell Paul Yamaguchi. Govinda Kai is his spiritual and teaching name. From a very young age, Govinda took a passionate interest in meditation, yoga and spiritual philosophy.

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