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Astanga Yoga Workshop

With Angela Jamison

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We are very honoured to welcome Angela Jamison to teach and talk with us for three mornings at the Nieuwe Achtergracht. Over the past decade, she has carefully developed a method for teaching workshops that starts with her listening to students, placing their experience and interests at the center of the program. Based on students’ framing of the practice, she draws on her own experience or expertise as needed to help something interesting happen. This format is a bit spontaneous and playful, because it is always responsive to the sparks and inspiration of the group.

During the three days that she is here we will practice together, and touch upon topics that are relevant to those of us maintaining a regular yoga practice as a reference point for our daily lives.


Program outline

There will be a talk and discussion each day after the morning practice.

Friday 17 May
06.00-07.30 Led class
07.30-08.45  Talk

Saturday 18 May
06.00-07.30 Mysore
07.30-09.15 Talk

Sunday 19 May
06.00-07.30 Mysore
07.30-09.15 Talk


Friday 17 May 

Introductory talk

Angela will send an informal email a few days before we gather. There is no need to respond, but anyone who does will shape the talks. The first day, Angela will address shared questions and themes emerging for the group. She will also establish some orienting images or ideas to focus our sessions. Sometimes it can feel that our experience as yoga practitioners is isolated. The astonishing thing about this simple format is realising how often our perspectives are mirrored by others. Around the world, we are all practicing in a particular historical period, with particular breathing rhythms, in connected communities. It can be helpful, even magical, to voice/hear some of the burning questions, shallow questions, mysteries, confusion, laughs, challenges and delights we go through. Usually there is a yogic teaching or technique that applies to whatever is coming up. Good quality connection can bring energy to our life path, and our contemplative practices too.


Saturday 18 May 

Sadhana - building a long term personal ritual, and integrating yoga with life in the world. We will discuss practicalities and devotional perspectives that support the “long game” of a practice for your whole life.


Sunday 19 May 

The two sides of trishthana: will and surrender. If yoga is the resolution of apparent opposites, it is also a habit of mind that gives rise to extremely fruitful polarities: expansion/contraction, inhalation/exhalation, concentration/metacognition, motivation/behavior, fullness/emptiness, and so on. The trishthana meditation technique that is central to the Astanga Vinyasa system can anchor the play of opposites in a way that makes having a mind and a body endlessly fascinating.


This workshop is open for anyone with a regular Mysore practice. For questions about the workshop, please contact us at or contact Sasha directly. 


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About Angela Jamison

Angela is the founder and director of Ashtanga Yoga Ann Arbor in Michigan, USA. She has been practicing Astanga yoga since 2000, and is certified by her teacher R. Sharath Jois of Mysore.

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