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Ati Yoga Meditation Workshop


Dr. Nida Chenagtsang will be visiting Delight Yoga Den Haag for the first time to share his wisdom and insights on Ati Yoga meditation. 

With over 30 years experience as a trained yogi in mediation, Dr. Nida encapsulates all his knowledge and insight into a short evening of guided meditation and instruction. After this two hour workshop, you will never sit the same again!

So what does Ati Yoga mean, exactly? The Tibetan translation for the Sanskrit word ‘Yoga’ is naljor (rnal ‘byor). Nal (short for nalma) means the pure, primordial or original state – the most basic or uncontrived condition of being.  Jor means to receive, to get, to arrive at, or to connect or unite with. The Tibetan word shows us clearly what yoga is all about. To be a practioner of yoga – to be a yogi (male) or yogini (female) means you are someone who does special practices to get back to the pure state, it means you are someone who returns from a contaminated state to a more original or pure condition.

"If you try to get rid of thoughts, they will just increase. Instead, look at their essence, at their true face, without throwing away your meditation in the process. At  times thoughts vanish and at  times they proliferate, If you meditate continually, they will graduallybe pacified. — Nida Chenagtsang

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