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Awareness in Astanga Yoga

With Jurre Twijnstra

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Astanga is one of the most challenging forms of yoga. Intending to practice six days a week and there being no end to the flexibility or strength to be reached in the practice we may do damage to the body. It is not the practice that is harmful but we ourselves can do the damage: in lower back, neck, shoulders, knees, ankles... If you have it you can break it. But then why would you want to practice Astanga? Because the chance of transformation in body and mind is at least as big and the endless challenge of the six Astanga series.

This is why your awareness of safety in the practice is important. As the ego or willfulness challenges us to go further and deeper in the practice, the body will warn us to stay in a healthy progress of exploration. If we don't see, feel or have an understanding of the subtle line between damage and progress we may hurt ourselves in the practice.

In this workshop you learn:

  • How to listen to the various sensations in the body.
  • How to work towards the next pose that is not (quite) available for your body yet.
  • How to safely modify poses.
  • How to work with an injury.
  • How to use the tools of breath, bandha and dristi from the safety aspect.
  • The difference between 'good' and 'bad' pain.
  • Spot focus awareness.
  • How to stay out of the yoga chikitsa dogma ('healing cleaning' as the primary series is called).
  • With this knowledge we can progress easier and safer in the practice. The focus is to explore your body with the Astanga system and not to explore the Astanga system with your body. How to shape your mind and body with one of the sharpest tools in yoga asana available.


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