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Ayurvedic Workshop: Treating Precancerous Stages

With Doctor Vijith Sasidhar

Cancer is continuously on the rise in the modern world. Nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors obviously play a role in the increasing occurrence of this serious disease with many faces. Modern medical science has developed many treatment modalities, and several approaches now offer increased survival rates. However, modern medicine usually only starts to treat when a full fledge cancer diagnosis is there. Precancerous stages, though indications can be obtained by several means, usually remain untreated. This is where Ayurveda could play a bigger role.

Precancerous stages are particularly well known within the lay world by, for example, diagnosis of HPV in case of women, and increased PSA (prostate marker) in men, HBSAg (Hepatitis B marker). In these, but also in other potential precancerous conditions, Ayurveda can still offer a clear and defined treatment. A correct assessment is key – not only in terms of Western medical markers, but particularly also in terms of Ayurvedic pathological markers.

Ayurveda has a thorough and well proven approach regarding different disease processes, which in Ayurveda has led to its own set of names of diseases, or rather disease processes or groups. This also counts for several – often quite diverse – conditions, which – each of them – might eventually develop into a complication which then will be classified as a cancerous condition according to western medicine.

Doctor Vijith Sasidhar is currently part of a scientific research committee of a renowned Ayurveda University in South India. In his own clinical practice, he has seen several patients with precancerous markers heal completely or considerably from these conditions. Thus, keeping them away from and out of the potential or prognosed cancer condition.

Program Outline


8 April (Day 1): Theory, assessment and treatment overview (at Delight Yoga, Amsterdam)

Doctor Vijith will elaborate on many of the aspects regarding precancerous conditions or stages. He will explain the framework of the Ayurvedic possibilities of correct assessment and offer practical and clinical insights into efficient treatment of several such conditions.

9 April (Day 2): Practical remedies in the form of classical formulations and related Ayurvedic medicines (at Holisan, Lelystad)


On day two, Doctor Vijith will discuss several classical formulations as well as other relevant Ayurvedic medicines and treatments for precancerous stages. He will discuss mostly a set of formulations readily available in The Netherlands. Important here will be the right assessment in combination with the correct choice of medications, to make potential treatments as optimal and efficient as possible.

On this day, you are invited to bring in questions regarding your own case studies/clients in relation to this topic.

  • Date: 9 April 2018
  • Times: 10.00 – 17.00 uur
  • Location: Holisan, Merwede 30 in Lelystad
  • Prijs: €65 (Registrations through Holisan’s website).   

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Registration for the workshop

You can choose to do one day of the workshop, though it is highly advised to attend both days. Please register below for day one of the workshop. Registrations for day two run through Holisan’s website.


This workshop has been accredited by ANVAG.

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08 April 2018, 11:00 - 17:45


Doctor Vijith Sasidhar



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