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Breathing in Ecstacy


Through a simple and deep breathing technique – Rebirthing – you will experience total relaxation, surrender and ecstasy! You will reconnect with your body and any tensions will be disappearing from your body with tingling sensations. Everything within you will become more alive, you will start to vibrate, sparkle and tingle all over, to the point where you’ll totally surrender, deeply trusting.Thinking stops… Then Ecstasy comes naturally.

Living fully and naturally can happen only when you breath fully and naturally. Rebirthing will recover your natural breath and will reconnect you with your real Self (spirit, soul), which we’ve lost in the process of upbringing, socialization and culture. We have been taught to behave as others want from us, we have learnt to suppress ourselves, yes, repress our feelings, emotions and desires. We have learnt to repress our innermost beings… Resulting in all kinds of tensions, stress and blockages in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Rebirthing will bring consciousness on all these four levels; Breath being the carrier of Prana and Prana being the carrier of consciousness.

Rebirthing frees you from your Negative Mental Mass, from all that you are not… When the untrue layers disappear then you real Self shines through, it has always been there... It was never gone.. But you were not home yet... Now there is nothing left to do, just to be.. in Silence, in Peace, connected to all that is…

NB: this workshop is not suitable for pregnant women


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