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Chakras & Meridian Yoga Course

With Skadi van Paasschen

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Chakras are the main energy centres in the body and the Meridians are the channels through which the energy flows. In our bodies, there are seven Chakras, or energy centres, that are responsible for the proper functioning of the body, mind, and soul.  When any one of them is low on energy, the system malfunctions and the associated part of the body gets diseased (so will the mind, so will the soul - heart & emotions). 

In this 5 week course, we will explore the Chakras, the Meridians, and the way the Meridians flow through the Chakras.

Day 1 Muladhara - root centre
Physical, legs, connecting to the earth.

Day 2 Swadhisthana - sacral centre
Joy, pleasure, creativity, lower spine.

Day 3 Manipura - solar plexus 
Feelings, self-power, mid spine.

Day 4 Anahata - the heart centre
Love and compassion, upper spine.

Day 5 Visudha, Anja, Sahasrara - throat centre, third eye centre, and crown centre
Communication, wisdom, higher spirituality, and grace; neck and head.

We will explore the Chakras through three steps.  Firstly, we'll bring our awareness to the exact point on the spine where the Chakra is located through Pranayama and focus. Secondly, we will practice some Yin asanas to stimulate the flow in the Meridians that are connected with that Chakra. And thirdly we will meditate on that specific Chakra. Through Meditation, we'll get insights into the Chakra and potential disbalances. These insights in your feelings and behaviour will help you to transform and balance the energy; cleansing, and healing the Chakras and your whole being.


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About Skadi van Paasschen

Skadi started her passion for movement at a young age. As a child, she learned to experiment with the human body at an early age, which led to her joining the Dutch Gymnastics Youth Team at the age of eleven. After three years of intense training and competitions, she had to let go of her Olympic dream due to various injuries on her left wrist.

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