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Circular Breathwork Course - Online

With Rolandjan Van Mulligen

Do you wish to be more centred in your body instead of lost in your restless mind? Do you long for true peace and inner stability and leave behind the worries, anxiety and mental and emotional stress? Is there a wish to truly come home to yourself, find contentment that does not depend on circumstances? Or perhaps you feel that there is tension and blockages in your body but you don't know how to release this? Then this breathwork course could be for you.


Why breathwork?

The first thing that happens when we are born into a body, is to breathe in. The last thing when we leave our physical body is to exhale. Fundamentally breathe equals life!


Each day we breathe in and out about 20.000 times. We often don't realise that through our breath we can dissolve blockages in our thinking, feelings and behaviour. When we feel worried or afraid or we experience a moment of shock, unconsciously we hold our breath. This takes away our vital life energy. Because of this, most of us have a very superficial breathing pattern and thus take in less oxygen. This can go up to less than 50% of what is available. It can lead to tiredness, illnesses, stress, and burnout without us even noticing it.


When we breathe more deeply we take in more oxygen and subtle life energy also called prana or chi. About 75% of the energy we take in through oxygen, by breathing. And about 70% of the toxins our body releases is through the out-breath. So by breathing more fully, more effectively, this process is optimised. You will feel more energised, more relaxed, and much healthier. The use of the diaphragm during circular breathing supports the functioning of the heart, empowers the blood circulation, and boosts your immune system.


Our society is very rational and thought-oriented and we haven't really learned to properly feel, breathe, and be in touch with our bodies and therefore tend to unknowingly deny, or suppress our feelings and emotions. This brings about a chemical reaction in our bodies in which toxins increase in our cells. When this continues for some time, physical blockages arise in our vital energy-flow and we get sick or burnout and our immune system gets weakened.


So our emotional state is reflected in our breath. Tension, stress, suppressed or unprocessed emotions, destructive thought patterns, and old traumas are stored in our bodies on the cellular level. Circular breathing brings up these suppressed feelings and memories so that they can be met and experienced with full awareness and therefore integrated. We will be able to spontaneously respond to the moment instead of reacting from pain from the past.


By freeing up ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally we start to realise more and more who or what we truly are. Our ever-free, timeless essence, the source within. And that we are not defined or confined by thoughts and emotions. We experience ourselves as that in which thoughts, feelings, and all other experiences naturally arise and pass. You remain as the unmoving silent Witness to all happenings.

Everything that we experience in life and not fully process by suppressing or denying, we see back as tensions, blockages, and stress in our body. These tensions have their effects on our breath by restricting a free-flowing in- and out-breath. It is also more likely to identify with these deeper rooted contractions in the body; 'I always feel sad', 'why I'm always so insecure/ afraid?' and 'I am not good enough', 'what is wrong with me?'. Thoughts like these and our belief in them show our identification with these unprocessed feelings and traumas.

Circular breathing is a strong and effective technique with which you invite these tight and dense areas in the body to loosen up and therefore release old stuck emotions and trauma that we have collected unconsciously on a cellular level. When these tensions are released, the limiting 'me-story' drops, and also our breath is free and can flow naturally.


What and how?

  • We will come together online for 6 weeks and learn and practice therapeutic circular breathwork from the comfort of our own home. Every week we will meet for two hours through Zoom.
  • You will learn different ways of practicing breathwork, several pressure points on the body, and other simple tools and techniques to apply to your own breath sessions that can also deepen your meditations.
  • Every online meeting there will be a proper breathwork session in which each one will be coached so that the breath frees up your body from built-up tension, anxiety, and stress.
  • During these six weeks you make this life-changing technique your own by practicing breathwork and also Meditation on a daily basis.
  • You receive the Zoom meeting recordings of each session and access to Rolandjan's breathwork program page with new online content weekly
  • Supportive 'silent’ Whatsapp/ FB group with the participants to share and stay in touch in between the online sessions
  • After this course, you feel much more alive, spontaneous, peaceful, and live from a place of authenticity. Besides that, you have thoroughly learned breathwork as a wonderful practise for the rest of your life!


"For years I have been a solid student to Rolandjan's classes. The way he sets the space and keeps connecting to the bigger field hardly ever fails on me to deeply connect inward. I love the quality and simplicity of his instructions and the walking-the-talk energy he brings, even more as the years gone by. On top of that he also doesn't shy away from sharing his personal humanity, and therefore I feel safe enough to really allow myself to relax into my body in his classes’'. 

Naomi, Amsterdam


Date / Time




08 October 2020, 19:00 - 21:00


Rolandjan Van Mulligen

15 October 2020, 19:00 - 21:00


Rolandjan Van Mulligen

22 October 2020, 19:00 - 21:00


Rolandjan Van Mulligen

29 October 2020, 19:00 - 21:00


Rolandjan Van Mulligen

05 November 2020, 19:00 - 21:00


Rolandjan Van Mulligen

12 November 2020, 19:00 - 21:00


Rolandjan Van Mulligen

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About Rolandjan Van Mulligen

For over 15 years Rolandjan has been exploring various Yoga and Meditation forms in-depth, such as Yin Yoga, Vipassana and the art of 'just Being', while also studying and practicing several therapeutic systems like focussing and therapeutic breathwork. He has had the privilege to have met and still meet many profound teachers on his way, where he feels innumerable gratitude for, each of them able to help him deepen his experiential understanding of true Yoga, self-realisation, and Meditation.

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