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Clinical Ayurveda Workshop


This 2-day weekend workshop with Dr. Vijith will focus on the importance of Vata Dosha and its management regarding bones & joint diseases. Vata is involved in most diseases and disorders of bones and joints, but the pathology in bones & joints diseases might be completely different, even though they seem similar.


Therefore, it is of great benefit and importance to understand the pathology of bones & joint diseases based on agni, doshas, dhatus and mala. Dr. Vijith will dive deeper into these questions with you that are relevant for your Ayurveda practice:

  • How does this type of pathology relate to the differences and distinctions between Amavata, Sandhi(gata)vata, Vatarakta etc?
  • How can you find out these details through clinical observation and asking the correct (cross-referential) questions to your clients?
  • How can you chose the correct remedies, taila's and treatments accordingly?
  • How can you modify or correct treatments in case of side effects in more complicated cases?


The purpose of this seminar is to connect you with the clinical key factors in bones & joint diseases and learn how to practically apply this in your ayurvedic treatments, from very simple to more advanced interventions.


This is an advanced level weekend suitable for Ayurveda practitioners and dedicated Ayurveda students.


This workshop will be given at the Babaji Ashram Sada Shiva Dham located at the Vrijenbergweg 60 in Loenen. It is possible to enjoy a warm lunch on both days and/or stay one night at the Ashram with breakfast and dinner as well. Please contact the Babaji Ashram directly if you would like to make use of this ( 

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